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What Is Granite?

“Let’s revive your #Granite! Cleaning specialists for all your #NaturalStone, fine fabric, and textile needs.”

We proudly display this on all our social media pages. We show pictures of our work with granite countertops and floors. We talk about granite a lot here at CSI, but what is it exactly?

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Granite is an igneous rock so that means it was formed when magma or lava was cooled and solidified. It has a grainy look to it.


The reason granite is used in most construction projects is because of its toughness. It is harder than marble.


Granite is typically white, pink, or gray.
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Currently, granite has only been found on Earth’s surface. It has been a significant part of the Earth’s crust for ages.


Structural uses of granite can be traced back to the Egyptian pyramids. In modern times, granite can also be found in tombstones, sculptures, monuments, floor tiles, and kitchen countertops.

You will probably recognize one of granite’s most famous appearances.



Granite is an important part of our country and our Earth, and we pride ourselves on being its cleaning specialist!




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