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Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialist of Chicago

residential & commercial tile and grout cleaning services

Surfaces We Restore:

Counter Tops
Interior & Exterior

Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts of Chicago

CSI-Absolute Clean Inc., is a Chicago based, restorative cleaning company whose specialty is tile cleaning and grout cleaning, both residential and commercial throughout Chicago, North Shore and South West Suburbs.  We also provide grout repair,  re-grouting and grout sealing. Our restorative process of cleaning your tile will return its surface to a like-new condition.

What Makes Cleaning Tile and Grout so Difficult?

Over time, dirt, grime, spills and other contaminants accumulate making your tiles look dull and dirty while grout will darken and become discolored. Non-professional, off-the-shelf home cleaning products simply don’t remove the built-up, ground-in grime that has settled into these hard-to-reach places. Dirt and other debris get trapped in the pores of tile and grout, which is particularly tough to remove when not using professional tile cleaning methods.

Why Choose Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services?

Our extensive restorative process will make your tile, grout and natural stone look sparkling clean, a result that can only be attained through professional tile and grout cleaning.

Our leading Chicago tile and grout cleaning and restoration service blends our deep-cleaning process and our advanced grout sealing techniques that not only cleans and restores your tile and grout to a more attractive condition, but also waterproofs your grout for additional protection.

As a top-rated Chicago based cleaning as restoration company, we provide complimentary in-home consultation, transparency in pricing, and detailed service descriptions. Our staff members are highly trained certified technicians that implement the use of eco-friendly products dedicated to deliver the gold standard in service when cleaning your tile, grout and natural stone flooring.


Our tile & grout cleaning systems are performed to IICRC standards for S220 hard surface floor covering inspection. We use the most cutting edge technology to deliver the ABSOLUTE BEST CLEAN. Our standard tile cleaning process removes 95% of “regular stains”. Specialty stains may require advanced spotting treatments and may incur additional charges. (I.E. red wine, mustard, ink, severe urine spots, kool aid, rust stains, and any acid dye based stains)

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Treatment: spray application of our alkaline trimix chemical with the purpose of breaking the surface tension of the soil, penetrating the grout in order to defloculate imbeded soil. It then breaks down soil and suspends it in the water molecule/cleaning detergent for easy removal.
  2. Agitation: Manual or Mechanical – Aids the Pre-Treatment to saturate, and helps further loosen soil.
  3. Extract: done via truckmount or portable machine vacuums off suspended soil in water molecules
  4. Rinse: Triple Steam rinse flushes out any dirt remaining in the tile & grout ensuring full removal.
  5. Emulsify: a chemical rinse that is the 2nd rinse step synergistically reacts with the pre-treatment to attract all chemical and soil to the surface
  6. Neutralize: a chemical rinse that is the 3rd step in the rinse step that flushes all chemicals out, neutralizes them, and brings the tile & grout PH back to balance PH7 to prevent re-soiling.
  7. Speed dry: expedite drying to eliminate/avoid efflorescence


General Service Area ChartStandard Services
Service AreaStandard Cleaning
Tub Surround$150
Jacuzzi tub surround$150
Floor (up to 50 square feet)$150
Floor (up to 125 square feet)$150
Floor (up to 250 square feet)$250
Floor (up to 500 square feet)$500
Floor (up to 750 square feet)$750
Floor (up to 1000 square feet)$1,000
Floor (up to 1,500 square feet)$1,250
  • Minimum service charges apply based on zip code and property type
  • Grouting prices reflect standard sanded and non-sanded grout only. (special rates apply for epoxied grout)
  • Caulking prices are based on standard size areas. (additional rates apply for oversize projects)

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Measurement Reference
Formula :     Length X Width = Square feet         Example:   15’ X 10’ = 1,500 square feet
Reference descriptionEqualsSquare feet
Standard 1 car garageEquals250 square feet
Half of a standard 1 car garageEquals125 square feet
Standard 2 car garageEquals500 square feet
Half of 2 car garageEquals250 square feet

Additional Services

Grout Sealer

Our grout sealer provide maximum protection against:

  • Permanent staining
  • Repel water & oil based stains
  • Prevent malodors & microbial growth
  • Recommended once a year in high moisture areas after a restorative cleaning process has been performed


Replacing loose, damaged or stained grout:

  • Grout may come loose during our cleaning process
  • Our process does not cause this condition, but rather exposes a pre-existing condition
  • Replacing grout is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your home.


Replacing caulking is essential to high moisture areas in your home. Caulk prevents:

  • Moisture migrating in between building materials
  • Rotting off building material that accumulates moisture
  • Microbial growth as a result of moisture accumulating in areas that do not dry out
General Service Area ChartAdditional Services
Service AreaGrout SealerRe-Grout 12” X 12” TileRe-Grout 6” X 6” TileRe-Caulk
Tub Surround$75$750$1,000$125
Jacuzzi tub surround$75$750$950$125
Floor (up to 50 square feet)$75$750$950
Floor (up to 125 square feet)$75$750$950
Floor (up to 250 square feet)$125$1,250$1,550
Floor (up to 500 square feet)$250$2,000$2,500
Floor (up to 750 square feet)$375$3,000$3,750
Floor (up to 1000 square feet)$500$4,000$5,000
Floor (up to 1,500 square feet)$750$6,000$7,500


Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Tile & Grout cleaning recommendations:

  • Hot water extraction  cleaning method is recommend over other methods
  • Residential cleaning frequency is once every 12 months or once every 6 – 12 months for households with pets.

Drying time after service

Drying time after service vary based on room temperature, relative humidity, and air movement. Generally grout remains damp after service for 4-8 hours.

Recommendations after service:

  • Room temperature of at least 70 degrees
  • Turn on any fans available for air movement to expedite drying.

Grout Facts

There are 3 main types of grout, sanded, non-sanded & epoxied:

  • Sanded grout is used for installation of porcelain & ceramic tile
  • Non-sanded grout is used for installation of natural stone tile
  • Epoxied grout is used for the installation of porcelain or ceramic tile in commercial settings. Most commonly in bathrooms, lobbies, and kitchens

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