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Natural Stone Maintenance

Natural Stone Polishing and Cleaning

Natural Stone Maintenance

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The Importance Of Maintaining Natural Stone Flooring

Having natural stone floors installed in your home can be a big investment. Properly cared for natural stone floors can add elegance, charm, and style to your home and even increase property value so it is important that keep your floor looking as beautiful as it was the day it was installed. Here are a few reasons that routine maintenance of natural stone flooring is something you can’t overlook:

The Longer You Go Without Care, The Worse It Will Get

You might think that a single spill will do much damage to your floor, but something as seemingly harmless as juice or a drop of tomato sauce can eat away at your natural stone flooring. In addition to potentially doing permanent damage, deep stains can form that can only be removed by professional methods. If you aren’t vigilant about maintaining natural stone flooring the damage will build up over time.

Routine Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Extensive Restoration

If you take care of your natural stone flooring regularly, have it sealed and buffed on a set schedule, and take care of your floors you will save money in the long run. A simple sealer applied to tile and grout will cost a fraction of having the entire floor honed, polished, and buffed to get rid of deep, untreated stains and large scratches.

Without Maintenance, Your Floor Simply Doesn’t Look Great

Having natural stone flooring in your home acts as a focal point for your space. With properly maintained floors, your tiles act as their own element in your home which can increase your home’s value and add elegance and class to your space. If you don’t maintain your tile, however, it will quickly start to dull, scratches will begin to show, and the investment you made to have beautiful tile in your home will go unnoticed.

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Work With A Professional For Quality Stone Floor Maintenance

Every level of maintenance is important to keep your floor looking great. From taking care of spills quickly, avoiding commercial cleaning products that are full of strong acids, and buffing minor scratches when they appear help keep your floor great throughout the year. Over time, however, your floors will begin to wear down and stains can be inevitable.

A professional tile and stone floor cleaning service can provide scheduled maintenance for your floors to make sure they are sealed, buffed, and look great for as long as possible. Professional maintenance allows you to address any issues such as minor scratches and eliminate them before they get so deep they are unable to be treated without a full restoration.

If you live in Chicago or nearby suburbs and have natural stone floors, contact CSI Absolute Clean today. With years of experience maintaining natural stone floors of all types, we have the tools and experience necessary to take care of your flooring throughout the year.

Give us a call at (312) 612-0274 for a free quote and to discuss your project.

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