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How to Care For Your Natural Stone – 9 quick tips

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How to Care For Your Natural Stone – 9 quick tips

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9 quick tips for natural stone care

  • Vacuum or dust mop regularly, as soil becomes abrasive and acts like sand paper on your natural stone floor through foot traffic.
  • Invest in walk off mats at entry ways. Walk off mats are designed to capture soil and debris.
  • Invest in a flat mop microfiber system & a neutral daily cleaner specific for stone care.
  • Damp mop your natural stone floor 2 to 3 times a week with neutral stone cleaner.
  • Avoid using or spilling acidic products. (Vinegar & water to clean is a myth)
  • Avoid dragging any furniture or chairs over the flooring surface. (Unless equipped with felt pads readily available in home centers)
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh high alkaline detergents as this will compromise the sealer. (Dawn, Mr. clean, etc.)
  • For showers & bathrooms, invest in water softener. Hard water is the main contributor to efflorescence, hazing, dulling.
  • Have high moisture areas cleaned and re-sealed 1-2 times a year. Minimum of once a year, if in hard water region, twice a year.

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If you have scratches, etches or staining that will not come out of your natural stone floors with standard cleaning, please call CSI Absolute Clean at 312.612.0274 for a free stone audit. We will inspect the current condition of your stone, asses your needs, provide you with upfront pricing, with absolutely no commitment or pressure sales gimmicks.

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